Monday, March 26, 2012


(Please ignore the smudges on my mirror.)
On cold days like today, layers are my BFF! Was in a "meh" kind of mood (if ya feel me) because of the weather, so I dressed accordingly. So lets get started....

*Tank Top = H&M ($7)
*Top = Urban Outfitters ($15, on sale!)
*Cardigan = Urban Outfitters ($25)
*Pleather Jacket = Discovery ($15)
*Black Skinny Jeans = PacSun (2/$55)
*Shoes = Khols ($10, on sale!)

Favorite part of this outfit is for sure my combat boot style wedges. They're only about an inch / inch and a half. They weren't super comfy when i first bought them, but I was committed to them and stuck it out and now I wear them EVERYWHERE. They are so comfy now and it doesn't even feel like I'm wearing heals, and I adore that about them. (And the fact that I only paid $10 isn't bad either! hehe)'

(how cute, right?)


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  1. you style is great!!
    I love your shoes!